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Frequently Asked Questions - Contact lens

FAQs - Contact lens

Although problems can occur, when used as directed, most people can wear contact lenses without complications. Successful contact lens wear depends on following the instructions of your eye care practitioner. Over time, your eyes can change, often without apparent symptoms or warning signs, which may put you at risk for developing complications. To maintain healthy eyes and the most efficient and comfortable vision possible, you need quality eye care on a regular basis. Only your eye care practitioner is educated, trained, and licensed to examine, diagnose and provide treatment for your eyes and prescribe contact lenses.
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Yes. Proper lens care is important, but not difficult. For best result our stuff will recommend the best cleaning and disinfecting Solution to care for your contact lenses.

Yes. And the more you use them, the easier it is. Here are some tips for inserting and removing your contact lenses.

 According to the Vision Council of America, periodic eye examinations are an important part of routine preventive healthcare. Many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms; therefore, individuals are often unaware that a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision, and when possible, preventing permanent vision loss.

Yes. Wearing contact lenses for sports is a more flexible and stable form of vision correction than eyeglasses. contact lenses may improve your peripheral vision and may increase your performance and you won't have to worry about your glasses falling off or breaking. Your eye care practitioner can help you determine the best type of contact lenses based on your particular sport or activity. Contact lenses are not a substitute for eye protection. It is recommended to wear appropriate goggles, masks, etc. when participating in sports.

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