Makeup, travel and your contact lenses.

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Makeup, travel and your contact lenses.

See how your pointy brushes, powdery cosmetics and gooey lotions can play nice with your contact lenses and how contacts can be the ideal travel buddy on all your treks.

Contact lenses and makeup


  • Put on your contacts before you put on your makeup.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you put on your lenses.
  • Apply eye shadow and liner gently, so you don't jostle or damage your contacts.
  • Use oil-free and fragrance-free eye makeup.
  • Use water-resistant mascara and eyeliner to prevent flaking and smudging.
  • Remove your contact lenses before you remove your eye make-up.
  • Remove your eye makeup every day with a hypoallergenic, oil-free remover.
  • Call your eye doctor if you have any redness, pain, swelling or irritation.


  • Don't wear makeup (or put on your lenses) if your eyes are swollen, red or infected.
  • Don't share makeup.
  • Don't use saliva to apply shadow, liquid eyeliner or to try to get one more use out of old mascara.
  • Don't apply eyeliner to your inner eye lid (inside the lashes).
  • Don't apply mascara at the base of your lashes—start from the midpoint and extend to the tips.
  • Don't use mascara with 'lash-building fibers', they can damage your lenses.
  • Don't wear false eyelashes.
  • Don't wear your contacts when you go to the hair salon. Even ‘second-hand’ spray and fumes can damage your lenses.
  • Don't wear your contact lenses while you color or perm your hair.
  • Don't use hairspray, etc. with your eyes open.

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